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Ngosiok Marketing has been part of the transformation of the noodle industry in the Philippines. Always at the forefront of change, we do not hesitate to try out new processes to improve production efficiency and product quality. We have successfully eliminated problems such as exposure to unwanted foreign matter resulting from sun-drying of noodles by implementing automated processes. We have also successfully changed the consumers' taste and preference with the introduction of our quality bihon (cornstarch-based noodles), which differs from the traditional ones in terms of taste, colour, and shape.

With dedication and hard work, the company has been able to significantly change the process of making bihon and to successfully expand our distribution network. Initially catering only to local (Cebu) customers, we have now reached all-over Philippines and have exports to other countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and North America.

We are totally committed to product quality and customer satisfaction. Our channels are always open to comments and suggestions so that we can continuously provide the quality that our products have come to be known for.